Tools that might help to check the server status

  • htop: check CPU/mem utilization
  • iotop: check disk read/write utilization
  • jnetop: check network io based by <sip, dip, sport, dport>
  • nethogs: aggregate recivied/sent bytes based on PID
  • iptraf: interface statistics, port, <sip, dip, sport, dport>
  • bwmeter: a project I developed to monitor the bandwidth between server pairs, or server to CDN
  • page-loding-time: a project I developed to monitor the accessing latency from monitor point to websites.


As enterprise network admin:

  • a public shared local remote disk is always required

As Linux admin:

  • create accounts for different users

As Website and CDN admin:

  • always keep a full copy of data on source host when using CDN to speed up data access, which is highly helpful when creepy errors occurs on CDN
  • large files require special attentions for downloading, uploading and synchronizing
  • synchronizing tools between CDN and source host.