VR streaming over NDN

Special features of VR streaming:

  • viewpoint-based dynamic stream: for optimization, to save bandwidth at the cost of stream switch delay. switch delay very critical.
  • more bandwidth due to large FoV covered by VR video
  • less latency to create immersive VR experience and at least avoid illness human reaction, such as headache, eye pain

Switch Delay:

  • how does NDN benefit dynamic stream
  • difficulties: GoP
  • naming to distinguish viewpoint, GoP, frame, version and segment.
  • how to re-use cached data
  • how to re-use base frame
  • how to render the focus frame



  • change the flows to two parts, base frame and focus frame, decode two frames and render them together.
    • cons:
      • Decoding two frames for one rendering slows down the frame rate, esp. for smart phones.
      • frame sync is a must
    • pros:
      • re-use cache of base stream for play and replay even there is viewpoint-change
  • encode base area and focus area in one frame: